"THE POETICS OF INK" - Verónica Domingo Alonso

05 November 201511 December 2015

"The Poetics of ink" combines a succession of mono prints that play balanced and deliberately with the mistiness of the images, wrapped in the subtle delicacy of black and white. Rhythm, harmony and movement embrace the complicit gestures that configure the stroke, allowing forms to emerge that, in turn, create meanings and connections in our mind, allowing thoughts and sensations to flow that dance to the beat of the stains, soaking the paper and the fabrics of strength and emotion.

This exhibition brings together works worked on canvas, belonging to the collection "The Sound of the Landscape", with works made on paper corresponding to the series "Melodic Painting".

Verónica Domingo Alonso is an artist who redesigns the aesthetics of the landscape from an intimate and personal vision. Her practice investigates the notions of place, space and territory, using a material language from an expanded field of knowledge of drawing. What she proposes within her practice is a form of creation in which drawing and painting acquire absolute value in the construction of a complex and abstract framework. Her visual experimentation is supported by a delicate integration between drawing, painting, engraving, photography and installation. Her practice inherits and promotes a sense of history through her own making, informed by knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and art. Her works serve as testimony to concepts such as time, space, memory, palimpsest, and absence.