"RENEWAL" - Juliana González Merchán

04 October 201825 October 2018


The blue that expresses the indefinite and at the same time is the evasion of color.

Its immateriality in nature is evidenced in accumulated emptiness, where forms disappear, dematerializing what takes its color, tracing displacements; from the real to the imaginary and conscious to the unconscious. Generating an atmosphere of unrelaity that resolves itself. Although its immateriality and transparency are related to the dream, in it the loss of consciousness leads to fog and turbulence.

With this prelude, renovation is its definitive from part of the indeterminate and evasion to show the transformations in the ways of living. The organization of the city based on mobility and easy access, the construction of the new and modern buildings erasing the traces of the past, where the center is looked at as the idea of the city that clings to be.

The demolition and construction of new buildings reveal the sporacity, constant change and uncertainty that its inhabitants breathe.