"PLEIADES" - Elisa de la Torre

02 February 201703 March 2017

Pleiades shows a figurative interpretation of seven different constellations created from the star cluster called Pleiades or The Seven Sisters. The Pleiades were seven sisters from Greek mythology, daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea nymph Pléyone. In the game of the figurative interpretation of this cluster of stars, seven female figures are proposed based on the photographic self-portrait and that represent, through mythological nude, each of the sisters. This self-referential figurative interpretation is inspired by drawings of constellations with female mythological references.

On the other hand, based on the self-portrait, a very personal proposal is provided with a suggestive and poetic style that invites the viewer to contemplation and debate about the possibilities of the elements and figures generated. As a result, in the set of constellations formed by the mythological nude, the artist's self-portrait reflected in the work itself becomes part of this mythological story and becomes related to its protagonists who, being several sisters, are, in essence, the same figure; a plurality of constellations and figures that make up one.