"FRANCISCO MAYOR MAESTRE" - Francisco Mayor Maestre

23 March 201712 May 2017

The series of works presented are the poetic representation of a slight laceration, a small wound that is the entrance to the outside world in sensory intimacy. When access to the different comfort spaces is forbidden, when long barbed wire that is difficult to cross are erected on both sides of the individual, the intermediate space is narrow and suffocating.

The representation proposed is the consequence of the impossibility of escaping from a fictitious place, but not for that reason unreal, assigned and not chosen. It is the combination between the fun of the absence of category, and therefore the absence of expected norms and the anxiety of oppression. The proposed work is the morbidity of murder and at the same time lamentation before the pain of death. The boredom of the norm opposed to comfort, along with the violence of repression orchestrated from the game.