"TEARS" - Verónica Domingo

27 October 201615 December 2016

"Tears" embodies the coexistence, in the individual, of the past and the present. All the works in the project reveal this duality, showing that we are what we are by virtue of those who have lived or more specifically what we remember and the way we do it. Given that our present is consciously or unconsciously conditioned by our past, this project is conceived as a spatial structure that arises from the reality-memory assembly. Memories are the raw material from which "Tears" is based.

Memories, or what is the same, images from the past, directly linked to our experiences; Experiences not exempt from imagination since this psychological process plays an essential role when it comes to generating the representation of something absent. The fascination for the unpredictable as well as for the mark that the passage of time leaves on our psyche has led to the development of a creative process that reflects a personal reading of a universe of opposites of destruction and creation in which the shreds of memories they are caged in matrices, recording a territory conquered by the mind that intertwines, by means of marks and strokes, the borders that reality raises between the parts of the whole.