International Symposium of Contemporary Engraving (2009)

27 – 29 November 2009 Cagliari – Cerdeña (Italy)

Organized by the Italian Casa Falconieri, chaired by the artist Gabriella Locci, the “Incontro Internazionale Sull´incisione Contemporanea” was held from November 27 to 29, 2009 in the Corsican city of Cagliari.

The congress was framed by the city’s Lyric Theater, opening with an exhibition of graphic art, which under the title “From Tápies to Chillida”, was made up of three interesting portfolios entitled: “Returns of the distant living” by Antoni Tápies, “Aromas” by Eduardo Chillida and “For Joseph Beuys” made up of some thirty engravings by highly prestigious international artists.

On the Spanish side, Brita Prinz, director of Brita Prinz Arte, Pedro Galilea vice president of the CIEC Foundation of Betanzos, Joaquín Gimeno, mayor of Fuendetodos and president of the Goya-Fuendetodos consortium, Isabel Elorrieta, director of the Estampa fair, participated in the congress. Julio León, head of the workshop at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca, Jesús Carboles, director of the Juan de Mariana Study Center in Toledo, and Enrique González, director of the magazine Grabado y Edición. On the Italian side, and presiding over the table, was Gabriella Locci, director of Casa Falconieri, Maria Grazia Scano, professor of contemporary art history at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Cagliari, Gianni Murtas, art historian, Lucio Ortu and Paolo Sanjust, directors of the associated architecture studio in Cagliari, Lucia Siddi, art historian at the BAPPSA of Caglari and Orisnato, Mauro Salis, art historian, Paola Dessy, director of the Stanis Dessy association of Sassari, Ugo Collu president of the Constantino Nivola Foundation of the city of Orani and finally Anna Maria Montalvo, director of the Cagliari Communal Art Gallery.

“History of a passion” written by Brita Prinz