Artists Showroom » The weakness of memory

Said Messari

Memory weakness stems from an investigation about the handmade paper, manufactured, customized and designed for its stamping and obtaining platforms and stands comprising independent, equipped with expressive value and plastic parts for themselves.

The interest stems from the search for textures and irregular forms, in conjunction with the three-dimensional vision that has invaded our lives through new technologies and its digital inputs. Result of this, the use of the custom paper becomes a component integrated inside and on the surface of the plastic work, element material and symbolic at the same time.

The use of the paper is already and definitely a new medium of expression, thanks to its ability to the composition of silhouettes and textures different on other media.

The result is a particular exercise in which there has been a combination renewed between the traditional techniques of the art of graphic works and its development towards modernity. Otherwise, the result is a pairing, a perfect symbiosis of the manual, the artisan and the conceptual contribution of new technologies.

Organized by: Artista(s)
Location:  Gravina 27, 1º D

From: 09-05-2013
To:  30-05-2013

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