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Iván Larra

Under the heading of designed landscapes, Iván Larra presents a series of drawings in this exhibition and work recent graphics dealing with a recurring theme in his work: the landscape.

In this case, as he did in "building up a wasted landscape", associating the landscape and intervention on the and questioning the usual forms of see it and appreciate it from conventional dual concepts-based approaches (purity vs. waste, nature vs artifice, field vs city, etc). In landscapes designed, also speaks of the memory associated to the territory and fundamentally social memory, rather than of the individual.

Thus, in the installation "the eyes of Europe" arises the nostalgic vision that Europe, or rather, the Europeans, have preserved until a recent past of that world that was exotic and distant colonial territory and have integrated into our collective unconscious in a way full of prejudices, idealized, and at the same time, fascinated. A look definitely broken in the global era of economic emergency, the industrial strength and oversized trade.

The series "nothing is new enough to not look like old" to achieve, through three drawings on the same digital reproduction of photography Valley of the Shadow of Death (Roger Fenton, 1855), the way in which images have built history, from an approach of «undisputed truth».

The drawings added to the image of the Valley are architectural remains, ruins, added elements which demonstrate the discussed controversy over whether Roger Fenton placed or not the cannonballs off the road to dramatize and load of useful meaning to the landscape desolated after the battle. Also the idea of truth and hiding are making sense and closing the conceptual content of the images of this exhibition.

Organized by: Artista(s)
Location:  Gravina 27, 1º

From: 17-01-2013
To:  31-01-2013

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